Spojovací prostředky, PVOS, zbraně, taktika... aneb neucelené a nekoordinované čtení o technice ČSLA

Spojovací prostředky, PVOS, zbraně, taktika... aneb neucelené a nekoordinované čtení o technice nejen ČSLA

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Monday, June 5, 2017

RF-10 (Takt 1) The Czechoslovak army manpack VHF radio review - part 1 (EN)

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as I promised some time ago there is the first part of big review video of the RF-10 (TAKT 1) manpack radio posted on my YouTube channel:


The radioset RF-10 was developed in between 60's-70's of last century. This set with coded name "TAKT 1" was dedicated for tactical operation in squadrons and troops patrols or headquarters company. It was taken into service in 70's and used till the end of 80's. More than 30.000 pcs was manufactured. In the beggining of 90's this radio set was replaced by RF-13 (coded name Radmila) mainly because of digital and encrypted communication needs.

The technology employed significantly outdistanced other competitors. For example USA in the 70's used PRC-77 which the RF-10 greatly surpassed in smaller size, usefulness, lower weight, etc. In those days Czech army used RF-10 mainly for communication on company level, but the utility did not end there, thanks to its adaptability they were mounted in the vehicles, served as telephone relays, also they found use in fire fighting, civil defense, flooding areas rescuing etc.

Frequency Range: 44,000 - 53,975MHz
Steps: 25kHz
Channels: 400
RF Output power: 1W
Modulation: F3
Max. deviation: +8kHz

Transmitting range:
1,5m whip antenna - 5km
0,5m whip antenna - 1 km
3,3m wire antenna - 10 km
30 m directive wire antenna - 20 km

Receiver sensitivity: 0,5µV
Dimensions of radio: 295 x 47 x 191mm
Dimensions of case: 480 x 350 x 160mm
Total weight: 3 kg radio
Powered (rechargeable): 6V in 5 x 1,2V NICD/4000 mAh

RF-10 [EN]: http://greenradios.blogspot.cz/2011/0...
RF-10 [CZ]: http://www.csla.cz/vyzbroj/spojovacip...

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